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Friday, April 2, 2010

Are there minis or not?

So today at Dragon's Lair Austin, the clerk told me "Yeah, D&D Minis have been discontinued." I'd wondered why they didn't seem to have any at Alien Worlds in Austin, and they've been getting harder to find in a lot of places.

"They're going over to the HeroScape thing," he said. "D&D minis will only be in HeroScape sets from now on. Our distributor isn't even carrying booster boxes any more."

So I get home, I go to the D&D web site, and they're still advertising the Lords of Madness set for August; it'll be one of the Huge sets, with one of those big mother minis in each blister.

So who's telling the truth, here? Or are they going to go both ways? I did notice that the Wizards web site is only releasing one new minis set for D&D for the rest of the year... and Hasbro just released a new "Forgotten Realms" four-pack of expansion sets for the D&D HeroScape set. I picked up a couple of them. They're repainted reworked D&D Minis figures; I got the two that had Rares I wanted.

I wonder where this is going to go?

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