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Friday, April 2, 2010

Time Machine Antique Mall the first time I went to this antique mall in Austin, the wife wanted to look at things, and I resigned myself to wandering around bored unless they had a section for books.

That was when I found the minis in the glass case. Old Grenadier pieces, from the late seventies. And some of the Call of Cthulhu minis Grenadier made for the Chaosium RPG. I'd had some of them back in the day, but they'd disappeared between apartments, long ago. I wound up buying about half of the pieces in the case. The old D&D troll, so small and inoffensive! The true 25mm barbarian, looking like a midget next to modern figures!

Wallowed in nostalgia.

So today -- not quite six months later -- we're back. Near as I can tell, they have done not a thing with the place aside from rearrange all the old crap they had there. At one point, I nosed into a stall to look at some books...

...where I found the Red Box and Blue Box Basic and Expert D&D sets, vintage eighties. Boxes still in good shape, with all the contents except the dice and crayon. Hell, the Blue Box still had the advertising blow-in cards and flyers. And the original X1 module, Isle of Dread.

Everything in the stall was 25% off. I got both boxes for a total of five bucks more than I would have paid back in 1984...

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