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Monday, May 24, 2010

ReaperCon '10 Part Two

And so, we arrived at ReaperCon.
This is my second year to attend ReaperCon, and I think it's a fine con for a guy my age. It's about the minis and the games, not so much about "how much money can we extract from the paying public?"

The speed crawl. The object: To hunt and kill a dragon in the surroundings shown, using 4E rules. They were paying bounties in ReaperBucks, usable in the auction at the end of the con. I would have loved to play, but I was afraid I'd infect the other players with whatever variety of creeping crud I seem to have this year...

The Zombie Crawl: where one must deal with the Zombie Apocalypse in a scale model of the Reaper facility, complete with models representative of the Reaper employees. I can't help but think Reaper must be a hell of a place to work, where they have to deal with things like this. Where's OSHA when you need it?

Now, THAT's a dungeon crawl!

Other cons have "open gaming." Reaper has "open painting..."

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