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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

ReaperCon, Part 4

Sandra Garrity again, demonstrating the uses of the Dremel. I felt redeemed for years of being looked down on by people who use pin vices... So... where'd the copy of "Dungeons and Dragons, Original Basic" come from? And how much did it go for at auction?
"My preciousssss......" Michael contemplates his Boneyard treasures Saturday night at the hotel...

ReaperBryan meets two other ReaperBryans.

Bryan probably thought I was kidding when I said I wanted to buy some of the ReaperBryan miniatures. I wasn't. "Generic twentieth century guy without a gun" miniatures are actually kind of hard to come by, and one of my votes for "Chronoscope Figures I'd Like To See" was for "generic gamer dude." Admittedly, Bryan ain't bald or fat enough to make a good Dr. Bedlam conversion, but with time and effort... (and hey, I DID learn some neat tricks from Sandra Garrity...)

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