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Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Coming of Warduke

Warduke dates WAAAAY back; he's old school. Originally, he was one of the action figures released by LJN toys way back in 1983 for the old D&D line of toys...
...but it didn't take long before he'd spread out to fill his niche pretty well. Naturally, players of the actual game were curious: just who was this mysterious dude? What were his powers? What was his motivation?
He made a brief appearance in first edition AD&D before transferring to second edition as a major big bad from the Greyhawk setting... and obtaining a cool horsie.

He began as eighth level in AD&D, became twelfth level as an opponent in 2nd edition, and finally made his appearance in 3.5 as an 18th level villain with fiendish grafts to explain his glowing red eyes... as well as other surprises...

He made his appearance in the D&D miniatures game in 2006 in the War Drums set, if I'm not mistaken. Baaaad news....

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