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Monday, January 11, 2010

I am a baaaad man....

The Scam spent much of his afternoon staring at a dragon egg. They got the egg last week during a dungeon crawl, and he's been obsessing about the thing ever since.

"How do I hatch it?" he asked.

"Look at the literature," I said. He hated that. He doesn't want to read. Today, he skimmed the Monster Manual and The Practical Guide To Dragons before finding much of what he wanted in The Practical Guide To Dragon Riding. He successfully figured out that it was a bronze dragon egg, and was able to figure out how to hatch it.

What he didn't like was the time factor -- bronze dragon eggs can go for up to 600 days after laying to hatching. Then again, he didn't know how long the egg had been sitting there. I made him wait all afternoon. I made him do listen checks on the egg. I made him do spot checks on the egg to see if it was cracking yet. The ordeal lasted more than an hour, in which he did absolutely nothing other than stare at that dratted egg.

It about drove him crazy.

Ghod, my stomach hurts from laughing... I shouldn't be allowed near children. I don't molest their bodies, but lord, I do screw with their little minds...

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