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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Left 4 Dead: No Mercy

Spent a nice portion of a quiet afternoon playing Left 4 Dead; no one was online, so I played alone. It occurred to me that I'd never played all the way through the "No Mercy" campaign -- the first one -- I'd only played the individual scenes. So today, I thought I'd play it straight through.

1. The AI has a gruesome sense of humor. It is a very bad thing to encounter a Witch in the sewer. I'm convinced that if this keeps up, we're going to have more and more teenage boys out there with white hair; people will go "Yup, there's a kid who has Left 4 Dead and met a Witch in the sewer." And what's with putting a Witch right in front of the fraggin' elevator? How the hell do you sneak past a Witch who has parked herself right in the middle of what will soon be a major combat zone?

2. I'd forgotten: Mercy Hospital, for some reason, has a gunnery post mounted atop the radio station on the roof. One way to hold off the horde for fifteen minutes is to take the gatling gun and mow them down as they come while your buds guard your back and sides.

Sigh. Three Tanks, about four minutes apart. Do they EVER actually appear in the firing arc of that damn minigun? Three times, I got slapped sideways, sailing through the air. Never actually fell off the building, though... and survived to take the helicopter away, having earned the achievements of Mercy Killer and Burn The Witch (hey, if she's going to sit right there in front of the damn elevator, she can jolly well expect a few molotov cocktails for her troubles...)

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